Smoking that meat

Ok, its been way to long since I’ve written anything here.   So I thought I’d write something.

First, If you’re looking for a Marinade for Chicken and/or pork — Dr. Pepper and brown sugar.   No specific rules here, mix it the way you like,  marinate the meat.   Smoke in a smoker, spraying with the same marinade every 15 minutes.

Smoking the second – Pecan wood

So I used Pecan for smoking.   It was good, but not smoky.   Was it my temperature (250) or just the wood?   I soaked it in water for 30 minutes before smoking.

Smoking the third – Meats

Chicken breasts are very average smoked.   They get dry way to fast, because they are too small.   New rule for smoking “Go big or go home.”   The bigger the meat, the better it takes to smoking.   Next time I’ll do a chicken.

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