Red Dragon Inn – Special character rules

Characters with special rules in Red Dragon Inn

Several of the expansions to Red Dragon Inn have characters with special card decks and

rules.   The following are those characters and their “special rules.”

Red Dragon Inn 2

Wizille the Tinkerer

This character comes with a second deck, called a “gear deck.”  If you play a card from your hand that has a gear in the corner, draw a device card, and add the effect.  A player can’t respond to a played card until after the device is attached (they are considered to be played at the same time.

Brewmaster Phrenk

This character comes with a second deck called a “Potion deck.”  Pull a card from the deck and put it face up.  It is like an eighth card in your hand.  At the beginning of each turn, draw another potion, and decide whether you want to keep this one, or the previous one, and discard the previous one. IF you run out of potions, shuffle your discards.

There are a couple of cards that have other effects, read the directions.

Kaylin the Renegade

This character comes with a second deck that is a familiar named Wulfric (A pixie).  At the beginning of the game, flip the top card up from the Wulfric deck.   This is Wulfric’s mood.   Whenever you do something (action, drink, etc.) check to see if Wulfric’s mood affects the results.

Serena the Pious

Serena comes with a piety card.   play this card next to your mat, and put a token on the number 8.  Whenever you play a card, if it has a piety marker (an up or down arrow at the bottom), move Serena’s piety up and down accordingly. Some cards have differing effects based upon your piety level.

Red Dragon Inn 3

Global rule – the Ship

If you want variety, put the Ship tile deck (face down) in the center of the table.   Put two ship markers on the deck.You’re now all at sea drinking.

At the end of each player’s turn, remove a ship marker from the deck.  When you remove the last progress counter, reveal the top card and follow the directions.  Discard the card, and put the two ships back on the card.

You can adjust the sea deck’s impact by increasing or decreasing the number of ships you put on the deck.

Remy’s Marks

When Remy plays a card, if he plays a card that says a player has been “marked” mark that player with a Remy’s marks tile.  If it says they have become unmarked, if they are marked, remove the tile.

Some cards that Remy plays have larger impacts on marked players (read the card)

Red Dragon Inn 5

Lizwick the Collector

This character has a second deck called and “item deck.” Place this deck next to the character map.  If Lizwick plays a card with a bag in the lower right corner, draw an item card.

Some cards indicate they should be played immediately.

Other cards are items to be held, and get put in front of you.   Any item beyond the first item counts as a card in your hand.   As an example if you have one item, your hand size is seven, if you have two, your hand size is six, etc.  If an item causes you to exceed your allowed hand size, discard.

You can have no more than three equipped items, if you draw a fourth item to be equipped, you must discard one.

Most item cards are discarded after they are used.

If you run out of items, shuffle the discard deck and reuse.

Zakhan the Drunken Master

Zakhan the Drunken master has special “drunken chi”   Locate the drunken chi marker (it’s a pottery bottle with netting) and put it on the same spot as alcohol content to start.  His total drunkenness is his alcohol content value + his drunken chi value. Whenever Zakhan drinks, he can choose to increase his drunken chi by one point. (place the marker one point above his alcohol content to reflect his total drunkenness).  If his total drunkenness exceeds his fortitude, he’s passed out.

He can reduce his drunken chi by discarding two cards from his hand.

Some cards allow him to spend drunken chi for bonus effects, read the card.

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