Guide to Demoing Tsuro

So one of the additional “jobs” (non paying) that I’ve taken on is doing Demo’s of games at my local gaming store.  (Like I’m not busy enough).

One thing I’ve realized is that a lot of the rule books for games just don’t do a particularly good job at getting a person playing a game quickly.

So I’ve started writing “guides to demoing” which are short documents (4 pages or less most of the time) that get a person playing a game quickly.

Seems like should post them.

Tsuro is an  amazing game.   The rules are simple, and very rarely do you find games that support 8 players realistically.

So here’s the first one:

A Guide to Demoing Tsuro

Yes it’s a Google doc…deal with it 🙂

If you are curious about Tsuro check it out on Board Game Geek

If you have suggestions, feel free to comment.


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