Conflict of Interest in Maryland’s state inspection laws

So today I took the Chevy Impala in for an inspection. It was way over due.

Maryland is one of the states that still has an inspection law, and honestly, I’ve concluded its kind of a scam. The standards published by the state are very long and fuzzy. As an example, one car I brought in had some rubber molding on a door seal that was cracking (not gone, but cracking) and the inspection station wanted me to replace it. I’ve concluded its really an opportunity for mechanics to nickel and dime someone who is bringing a car in from out of state (Inspection isn’t required if you buy from a dealer).

So at the advice of a friend, I made a decision, I’d get the inspection done, telling them that I was going to get the repairs done elsewhere. It’ll cost me a second inspection with them, but I figure that will remove the inherent conflict of interest that exists by being the inspection station and doing the repairs.

When I got into the mechanic today, I told them about the problems I knew would cause it to fail (One window won’t open), but just to enumerate what other work needed to be done.

They said “Are you sure you don’t want a quote on everything else?” I explained, no, I was taking it somewhere else to get it repaired.

They became very sullen, and disappointed.

Guess they won’t get to nickel and dime me. I’ll be curious to see what they come up with, other than the stuff I already told them about.

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