A useful pie chart in SecurityCenter

I’ll admit it.  I have a love/hate relationship with pie charts in SecurityCenter.   The problem I have with them is they show relative values, so typical data, like vulnerability counts, doesn’t display in a meaningful format.   In fact, I’ve always said there are really only two pie charts that I believe have value.

The first is compliance:






and the other is Operating system Identification:

Operating system identification







But today I figured out a couple of more, we can use the IP summary (and various class summary) tools to show “relative vulnerability counts” to show us what hosts have the largest number of problems:

Configuration 1 Critical Vulnerabilitiy counts


We can also do this not based upon  individual host, but class summaries, all we do is change the analysis tool to class summary.

class summary







These are some pretty good uses for the pie chart that I hadn’t considered before.

Source: Nessus and SecurityCenter

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