A Guide to Demoing Pandemic

I’m really becoming a fan of cooperative games. There’s something about having a board game that has the same type of camaraderie that we’re used to in an RPG like D&D or more obscure Tunnels and Trolls.

and at the top of the heap is Pandemic.

Pandemic is a cooperative game where everyone plays members of a disease control team during a variety of outbreaks.   

This game has amazing production values, and just plain pretty, but also has simple rules.   In fact, I barely needed to write a guide to demoing.   You can pretty much follow the instructions out of the box.

However, I did find some things to improve on.

Guide to Demoing Pandemic

Pandemic on Board Game Geek


The one complaint that I do have about Pandemic is the expansions are sequential, and I purchased the third expansion before the second, and found out I was missing some parts.   There’s a work around, but honestly, that’s kind of cheesy.   On the box there was one line (in small print in the middle of a paragraph) where it said that the expansion was dependent upon another expansion, but I missed that.



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